Are you going to stay in one of our hotels and have any doubts? Check out the answers to the most frequent questions about staying as a guest at the Deville.
1 . What are the check-in and checkout times? Can I do an early check-in or late checkout?
2 . What are the power outlet voltages in the different hotels?
3 . What fees or taxes are charged on the accommodation expenses?
4 . Is there a storage room where I can leave my baggage outside of the accommodation period (i.e., before check-in or after checkout)?
5 . How long in advance should I cancel a booking?
6 . Are pets allowed at the Deville hotels?
7 . Do the hotels provide free Internet access?
8 . Are there gyms? What is the cost for using them?
9 . What is the Deville policy with connection to accommodation for children and minors, accompanied or not by their responsible adults?
10 . I did not get my electronic invoice from the hotel. How can I get it?
11 . Is the hotel parking available for large vehicles?
12 . Do fees include meals?
13 . Can large groups be booked?
14 . What forms of payment are accepted by the hotel? Can foreign currency be used to make payment?
15 . How can I make special requests for my booking?
16 - What is the smoking policy in the hotels?
17 - What are the hotels service channels?
18 - How do I get to the Deville Hotels? What are the attractions in the neighboring area?
19 . How can I change or cancel a reservation made through the website?